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Design and Develope interactive social media websites for as low as $300.00

Full color Graphics for flyers, logo, cards, any media needs starting at $150.00

Video/ Picmmercials movie trailers starting at $250.00 (including filming)

Audio Radio ready Commercial for your business as low as $100.00

Jingle creation (branding)  so your business is known as low as $300.00 


Package price $1000.00 for all services 2 month time frame (limited time only) 

Resource Center 


20 Minutes That Can Change Your Life.mp3                

A Sociology of Religious Emotion.pdf

Building Blocks of Personality Type- A Guide to Using the Eight-Process Model of Personality Type

CAE Listening and Speaking Skills [Audio Book]

Double Your Reading Speed In Ten Minutes

Drive Time Spanish

Eric Berne - Games People Play [1966, 1973]

Eric Berne - Sex In Human Loving [1973]

Made for Success - Persuasive Selling and Power Negotiation Develop Unstoppable Sales Skills and Close ANY Deal

Psychology- Karen Horney ebooks

The Secret to Success (AudioBook) -

Thinking, Fast and Slow - Daniel Kahneman

TTC - Your Deceptive Mind - A Scientific Guide to Critical Thinking Skills

Zig On Selling


50 Psychology Classics

A History of Marriage


Alan Greenspan - The Age of Turbulence




Body Language What You Need to Know - David Cohen

Body Language- What You Need to Know - David Cohen

Brian Tracy - Goals

Byron Katie Thinking Tools

Cash Cow

Change Your Life in Seven Days - The World's Leading Hypnotist Shows You How

Change Your Thoughts Change Wayne Dyer

Change your thoughts change your life

Complete Krav Maga -  The Ultimate Guide to Over 230 Self-Defense + Self-Defense Nerve Centers + Armed and Unarmed Self-Defense

DAN BROWN - Inferno

David Shade & Richard Thomson - The G Spot & Male + Female Sexuality

Dean Evinston Tao Of Healing



Donald J. Trump - Time to Get Tough [unabridged]



Dr. Wayne Dyer - I Can See Clearly Now

Eckhart Tolle


Ekart Tolle POwer Of Now

Emotional Intelligence (Unabridged)

Famous Failures.mp4

First, Break All the Rules - [Full Audio Book Version]

Fl News cLIPPING.mp4

Full Engagement

Gano News.pdf

Getting in the Gap

Hidden Colors (2011) Documentary

HisCh Secrets of Body Language

Holton Buggs

Holton Buggs Presentation.mp4

How to Master the Art of Selling Anything

How to Win Friends & Influence People

Jim Rohn Building A Networking

John Maxwell - 5 Levels of Leadership

John Maxwell - Developing The Leader Within You (DVDs + Leader Guide + Student Guide)

John Maxwell - Winning With People  DVD Training Curriculum

Just Listen - by Mark Goulston - Yasser

Kynami Love


Leadership and Self deception

Love & Respect.m4a


Millionair Mindset David Imonitie

Mind Mood


Napoleon Hills Keys to Success

Never Be Lied To A

New Files

OG Ringtone JIngle Number 1's 2.m4v

OG Ringtone JIngle Number 1's.m4v

Organo Gold Presentation by Demond Crump 28 day Diamond in Sacramento.mp4

Power Questions


Rich Dad Poor Dad

Richard Dawkins - Unweaving The Rainbow.pdf

Richard Presentation .mp4

Robert T Kiyosaki-Rich Dad, Poor Dad.pdf


Seven Habits of Highly Effictive People

Songs to work on

Sounds of the Earth- Thunderstorm

Spy The Lie

stephanieburns learn abt learning


The Four Agreements

The Grand Design

The Great Quotes Book

The Miracle of self Discipline

The Most Motivating Video for Success.mp4

The Naked Truth

The Power of Habit

The Power of Understanding People By Dave Mitchell

The Power of Vulnerability

The Secret to Success (AudioBook) - sum1_here

The Seven Principles For Making Marriage

The Strangest Secret Mp3

The Ultimate Goals Program


Things I wish I knew before I got married

Think and Grow Rich


Triple Your reading speed

Unc Folder

Warren Buffet Management Secrets

Watch who u hang

Wayne Dyer

Why Him Why Her

Will Smith On

William Cooper - Behold a Pale Horse.mp3

Word Master Denis Waitley

Yoga Class

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Public Speaker/Motivator   In Ga $200-700 out of state $500-1200 us


Kynami Love is a dynamic personality and highly-sought-after..

Kynami Love has committed his life to motivating and training today’s generation to be better thinkers and better reactors as he introduces new audiences every day to the concept of “T+F=A (Thoughts Plus Feelings Equals Action, the Kynami Love Album, and the Educational Hip Hop cd for kids, called e-Hop. Kynami’s audio series, ,”Riot, Language of the un-heard remains his all-time bestseller for its acclaimed impact worldwide.

In business as in real life there are always going to be ups and downs. However, where there is a will, there is always a way to achieve amazing results for your personal life.  When Kynami Love fills the room with his high-impact, customized message and standing ovation performance! You are sure to have treated yourself.