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Kanye West Kynami Love Rick Ross

I can Feel It! 

Devil in a New Dress Debut hit single from Kanye West, Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantcy, this unreleased international single has hit the listeners by surprise. Kynami provides the cure, as he delivers what Kanye called the better side of us all. Enjoy as he delivers the answers to the questions in the middle of two of the greatest! Kanye West- Kynami Love-Rick Ross

It's amazing how simular the word Marriage and the word mi·rage are. When you search for a definition of both you come up with simular results. I believe when we change the way we look at things the things we look at change. 


With this song it helps shed a little light on the subject of relationships and offers a new perspective on perhaps a different way to see things. Also on this website you will find some tools to help your marriage work if you want it to. 


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